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A Direct Lender Specializing in Small-Balance Commercial Loans

At Cherrywood Mortgage, LLC, we see value where others may not — value in every property, every business, every borrower. That’s because we specialize in small balance commercial real estate lending; that’s all we do. Tell us about the loan you are seeking and we’ll find value by weighing the strengths of the property, it’s cash-flow, and the borrower. You’ll have options with a small-balance direct lender who can see the uniqueness of every lending opportunity.

Recently Funded


Loan Amount: $510,000
Property: Triplex
Purpose: Cash-out Refi
Location: Hauppauge, NY
Broker Fee: $7,650


Loan Amount: $630,000
Property: Multifamily
Purpose: Purchase
Location: Clarion, PA
Broker Fee: $15,767


Loan Amount: $250,000
Property: Mixed-use
Purpose: Cash-out Refi
Location: Chicago, IL
Broker Fee: $2,500


Loan Amount: $900,000
Property: 1-4 Pool
Purpose: Cash-out Refi
Location: Liberal, KS
Broker Fee: $18,000